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Acrylic Felt 23x25cm

RM 1.10

100% Acrylic Felt

1.6-2.0mm thick


37 colours available

Please choose colour and quantity 

Stok acrylic felt ni tak banyak. Jika anda nak order 1m, sila masukkan 4pcs dalam kuantiti dan time checkout nanti remark: felt lembut 1m jgn potong. 

Jika ada stok saya akan masukkan. Jika takde stok saya akan maklumkan sebelom pos.


ASMA-FELT-BOX supply quality acrylic felt cloth (soft felt) with variety colours for craft maker in Malaysia. We have 37 colours to be choose

This felt is made of 100% acrylic
The thickness is between 1.6-2mm
The texture is soft as cotton and not so easy to cut into small shape.
Suitable for making keychains, plushies and decoative pillow.

Free shipping for purchase more than RM100 (RM120 for Sabah and Sarawak)